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I have. The pattern is repetitive.

Posted by: Dr. Cruel on December 02, 1999 at 00:17:01:

In Reply to: Go and see for yourself. posted by Farinata on December 01, 1999 at 14:28:43:

I've seen this technique before. Hitler called it "the Big Lie"; when one hammers home a point, over and over again, without regard to veracity or recourse to reasoned examination, the idea will inevitably become accepted. Thus, the WTO becomes an evil entity to those who are unaware of what the acronym WTO actually stands for. In this way, people are made to think in terms of "class" or, in the case of the Nazis, "race".

In point of fact, this incident yet again illustrates two points - to wit, that the Left is a real, organized political entity with vested interests, and that those that anger the Left can expect the propaganda arm of this machine to be used methodically and efficiently against them. The WTO is an entity that fosters free trade between nations, lowering tariff barriers and otherwise making the conduct of business a far more simple affair. It has, however, run afoul of the elite of the Left, making unfavorable rulings against representatives of that political sect and, to the present date, successfully resisting infiltration by that body. Thus it, like the Catholic Church and other similarly "resistant" political entities, must be destroyed.

Apparently, the present techniques authorized are apparently the circus of protest and 'civil disobedience', along with smear campaigns in the media. If these tactics fail, perhaps some terrorist actions by the more actively violent elements of this group (Greenpeace, perhaps) might be sanctioned.

Ghandhi was a master of these techniques, using them to sell the dubious proposition that rulership by a domestic clique of authoritarians was preferable to the far more efficient (and less partial) dominion exercized by Great Britain. His own hatred of the British rivaled that of Hitler; in any case, the actions of Herr Fuhrer during the Battle of Britain might explain the support of that Indian guru for the leader of the Nazis. What is certain is that Ghandhi's desire to destroy British influence in India was successful through means easily accomplished by any sufficiently organized underground movement, a fact not lost to the Left. It frequently has made use of similar techniques to perpetrate a host of similarly tragic mischief, all the while able to claim that said was merely "the spontaneous popular will". We can expect such behavior to continue as long as it works. Thus, my personal action in this regard is to support the WTO, and to otherwise ignore the various issues presented. Thus, hopefully, I defuse the dual goals of the Left in this regard - to 'spotlight' a group that defies their interests, and to ensure that whatever subsequent publicity is generated in regards to this entity is negative (presumably, as "punishment" for their recalcitrance).

"Doc" Cruel

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