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I've simply been labeled a Nazi

Posted by: Frenchy on December 09, 1999 at 10:50:42:

In Reply to: I'll cut it out if you insist..... posted by Lark on December 08, 1999 at 18:28:35:

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: : McSpotlight: Lark, either he is a neo-nazi or he isn't. If he isn't, then you're accusing him for the people he was making common cause with; which could have been a mistake on his part. If he is, then be thankful that he's actually talking.

: What?! I should be grateful a nazi is debating?! That's weird that, considering that debating with nazi's given their track record would be like a heretic debating with the inquisition, there's only one thing a facist/nazi/nazi sympathiser deserves and it isnt a polite debate.

: : This isn't the physical world; it is a place specifically for debating about the real world; as such, the only form of 'victory' you can score here is to make your opponent seem foolish.

: : Allow him to speak for himself; at the very least, if you just win a debate by drowning your opponent out, you are resorting to force to win an argument - that should be free of coercion.

: Yeah, but I think people should be made aware so they can freeze out the facist bastard rather than construe legitimacy onto his views by debating with him.

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: McSpotlight: Do you really think that freezing a Nazi out is the best way of defeating them; or do you think that such people merely act as magnets for the disaffected; those who feel that they cannot debate fairly.

: I agree it's difficult. But we don't think it's right to silence anyone; even a self-confessed Nazi.

No, no, no, I've simply been labeled a Nazi, a common tactic used by lefties whenever they can't convince their brand of magical thinking isn't the most noble in the world.
Other labels I've been awarded are 'racist', 'homophobe', 'mysogynist', and 'registered Republican'.
I should consider myself lucky though, if you guys actually did gain power, you'd throw everybody in a mental institution as the Russkys used to do with their dissenters. And the Chinese, and Cubans.
Don't you find it ironic, McSpotlight, to use the freedoms of a democratic country to carry out your personal vendetta against McDonalds, to fight for a political system that so freely engages in censorship?
By the way, why didn't you post my witty comebacks about Sam being invited to blow his pal? I thought you didn't practice censorship.


Right. Let's get a few things perfectly clear here, ingrate.

McSpotlight believes in freedom of expression. That's *ALL* freedom of expression. We exist because McDonald's went to court to try and silence criticism - by using their superior fiscal muscle to exploit the unfair UK libel laws to their advantage.

We aren't trying to stop them from peddling their version of things; we are merely fighting to preserve the right to peddle ours. And unlike McDonald's, we haven't hired private investigators, burgled their offices or used contacts in the police to find out confidential information about them.

We are opposed vehemently to any political system that engages in censorship; neither have we ever said differently.

That said, we have a debate to maintain here. This is not a place for personal abuse, cheap jibes and irrelevant one-liners. If you don't put text in a message, we reject it. Simple as that; it's in the Disclaimer we put up on the Index page; abusive and irrelevant posts will be rejected.

Is that clear enough?

We aren't fighting for Communism or Capitalism; we're fighting for freedom.

Rex, McSpotlight.

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