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Doc is NOT a fascist, he's just a fool

Posted by: Stoller on December 12, 1999 at 17:24:33:

In Reply to: Socialist Incentive (or, What do you do with a T-72?)) posted by Dr. Cruel on December 11, 1999 at 21:21:03:

: Can you see from the previous missive how the "state capitalist" societies come into being? How otherwise moral and sensible people might be convinced to participate in organized acts of robbery and murder? "Society must be saved", after all, and these are of course the self-appointed heroes that we need. Whether they're wanted or not, of course. . .

Doc, completely disregarding my statements here and here, attempts to charge that I advocate MINORITY rule. This is NOT TRUE. I have consistently maintained that the future worker's state MUST be predicated upon an overwhelming majority of people WANTING it. This, I suspect, is EXACTLY what he (supporting the capitalist minority who rules society today) fears.

Now comes Doc's dizzing array of cardstacking non sequiturs we have all come to expect and love. . .

: All this talk about bringing McDonald's to justice is so much window dressing. . .

Now, Doc (ostensibly sobered up) returns us to our regularly scheduled propaganda. . .

: The world is a dangerous place. Our freedom is never guaranteed, and there are many who enviously covet the goods of those who have moe than they. The challenge to our liberty is all the greater. . .

'Our' freedom. 'Our' liberty.

Whose freedom and liberty are you talking about, Doc? The 'freedom' and 'liberty' of the bourgeoisie to monopolize all the means of production in an effort to bring every last working person on the face of the planet to their knees before the almighty buck?

: P.S. Call me a fascist, Barry. G'wan. I dare ya.

See title.

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