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David, you should learn not to ask questions.

Posted by: MDG on December 13, 1999 at 17:24:21:

In Reply to: Do you really want to limit your entire humanity to a single task? posted by Stoller on December 12, 1999 at 17:24:50:

: : My first point is that certain skills require constant upkeep in order to maintain a high degree of competency. Doctors cannot go for long periods of time of inactivity and not have their skill suffer. Similarly, a musician needs to constantly practice and play their instruments in order to excel at them.

: Although I think I addressed this objection at the bottom of this post, I will reiterate my point. . .

: : As a musician who plays 3 brass instruments (Tuba (classical), trombone (jazz), Euphonium (Classical)) if I go for two days without playing for at least one hour, the muscles in my lips atrophy and my embouchure weakens. This is even worse on the oboe, where a week of not playing can pretty much negate any competency you might have had.

: Yet here you are, on the debate board---letting your musical skills atrophy.

Sarcastic response #1 to polite question about job rotation.

: I bet you even take time to do your school studies, too.

Sarcastic response #2

: Maybe you even take time to read those Ayn Rand comic books as well.

Getting nasty...

: Yet you remain a 'muscian.'

Snide concluding statement.

: BTW, this post may be of some interest to you.

A little sugar...

Barry, you've done it again. When people question your philosophy, why can't you answer them politely, without scorn or sarcasm? As Lark pointed out, a good many workers here in the United States are conservative Republicans. Unlike David and myself, they will be hostile to you from the start. Do you intend to win them over by insulting them? If so, as I've said before, you'll never achieve your goals.

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