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No are you going? What is your poison anyway Gee?

Posted by: Lark on December 14, 1999 at 14:50:05:

In Reply to: Been out for a drink Lark? posted by Gee on December 13, 1999 at 19:00:20:

: You sound like your flying!

I am, however I dont see why everyone is acting like I've turned alco, I dont really drink that much at all, it's a bit of a drain on the old resources and sort of a modern opium of the people if you ask me, that said I'm not anti-social, the importance of Cheeseburger can not be underestimated.

: : So capitalism works to a certain extent on a very micro level, it cant ever work the same on a global level because even if I got everyone in Ireland to boycott a product over pricing they capitalists would just go sell it in India or something.

: I think the issue is that the effectiveness of a boycott is down to the individual buying decisions made by millions in the market place. Its this :

: Votes to boycott : 51
: Votes to Buy : 49

: In fantasy 'democracy' the product is boycotted,

: In market reality it means 51 people dont buy and 49 do.

: Thats all.

I know but what I was suggesting is that the notion that the market is democratic, on a level, at a level, in a way, is not entirely false, I've been reading Smith's Wealth of Nations and while I'm unconvinced that his vision could ever be realised or work I'm impressed by some of his arguments and logic.

However it only operates and operates right at a very micro level, as I sought to demonstrate, a micro level which will not be created by the privatisation of the state/'anarcho'-capitalism but rather it'd be wiped out!! I'm still convinced that no matter how great and micro it gets some how a massive mark up in price (and consequent mark down in the value of things that contribute to production, such as, labour)has been made somewhere along the line.

It's seems, though, that your vindicating socialist opinion that the market is anti-democratic, now that is strager and more signifcant than the cheeseburger.

: : --
: : McSpotlight: Is that you, Lark?

It's me, or ne if you like, boyos, Lark 2000 who's decided laughter is the best way to defeat the uncivil and despotic, well here anyway, it'll stop me getting head aches.

: Is kinda strange, like random pasting of the word 'cheeseburger'.


: Assuming its Lark - hope yer having a merry christmas run up then!!

Same to you comrade, er, that should be friend shouldn't it, if I'm speaking to Gee that is, the most civil and pleasant of adversaries, merry = cheeseburger and drunkiness right? I might try that out.

'A very merry christmas, and a happy new cheeseburger...'

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