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Posted by: Gee ( si ) on December 15, 1999 at 13:26:25:

In Reply to: No are you going? What is your poison anyway Gee? posted by Lark on December 14, 1999 at 14:50:05:

:I am, however I dont see why everyone is acting like I've turned alco, I dont really drink that much at all, it's a bit of a drain on the old resources and sort of a modern opium of the people if you ask me, that said I'm not anti-social, the importance of Cheeseburger can not be underestimated.

Can I ask what the cheeseburger thing is Lark? Youre posts lately have been pretty amazing stuff - a real prodigious outflow, stream of consciousness, magic key board bonanza thing. I like your style, but I dont get the cheeseburger thing. Maybe I'm being a thicky!

: I know but what I was suggesting is that the notion that the market is democratic, on a level, at a level, in a way, is not entirely false, I've been reading Smith's Wealth of Nations and while I'm unconvinced that his vision could ever be realised or work I'm impressed by some of his arguments and logic.

I'm glad you're reading that book, I won't chastise you if you get page 47 wrong or some other minutae. Smith is good reading because he does have a good understanding of what it means to be 'a worker' although its very outdated in terms of lifestyle details - but he does describe the whole process well in terms of how people actually behave. The quotation which describes how you get your bread because of the bakers regard to himself pretty much sums it up.

: However it only operates and operates right at a very micro level, as I sought to demonstrate, a micro level which will not be created by the privatisation of the state/'anarcho'-capitalism but rather it'd be wiped out!!

Most ACs think that Smithian Capitalism is more probable when Govt protectionism is removed. I'd add a word of warning regarding crime and 'corruption' as seen in Russia though. Like socialism - the free market requires voluntary assent to run at least reasonably in favor of liberty and low 'crime', either that or it requires the miniscule rights enforcing government as described by Mr Ism. There is a lot to be said for market forces law - it isnt as devilish as many make it out to be, but it does reluy (heaven forbid) on humankinds generally 'good' nature.

: It's seems, though, that your vindicating socialist opinion that the market is anti-democratic, now that is strager and more signifcant than the cheeseburger.

It is non-democratic in that the larger gang doesnt automatically get its way.

: Same to you comrade, er, that should be friend shouldn't it, if I'm speaking to Gee that is, the most civil and pleasant of adversaries, merry = cheeseburger and drunkiness right? I might try that out.

Thanks Lark, youre a very approachable man when it comes to your beliefs - thats a credit to you.

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