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No reason to expect that the college educated would endorse job rotation

Posted by: Barry Stoller on December 16, 1999 at 10:53:37:

The more I push for job rotation (AKA participatory government), the more I get branded a fascist. Considering that fascism is fundamentally characterized by a rigid social division of labor as well as minority control of the state apparatus, this claim against job rotation is wholly ludicrous.

Why do my proposals to end the social division of labor and to efface the distinctions between skilled work and unskilled work receive such violent opposition?

One theory...

Only 23% of the American population receive education at a Bachelor's level or above (Statistical Abstract of the United States 1996, table 243, p. 160).

Only 22.4% of the American population have internet access (Statistical Abstract of the United States 1998, table 916, p. 573).

Are these two groups the same?

Most likely yes, these two groups are (for the most part) the same.

It is apparent that MOST of you on this debate board are college-educated individuals who (by virtue of your education) either have or anticipate positions of skilled work---and double the wages of workers without college education (Statistical Abstract of the United States 1996, table 711, p. 462)---in the near future. It is obvious that your education will EXEMPT you from unskilled work.

I submit this is why my proposals to abolish the social division of labor and to equalize incomes have been met with such virulent opposition.

Concerning the procapitalist representatives here, I expected as much. As far as the so-called 'socialists' go, I guess whether it's a capitalist or a socialist world, you still want to make sure that you won't have to do any unskilled work.

You'll leave THOSE JOBS for me.

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