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Posted by: Gee ( si ) on December 22, 1999 at 11:22:18:

In Reply to: Rotating propaganda from a demagouge posted by Stoller on December 21, 1999 at 23:04:20:

: : Ofcourse thats how a nasty socialist state might work. Privilage for the party members and enforcers, and rotation for everyone else...

: Another crude smear. Please see this post to see such blatent lies exposed...

Smear? The suggestion that a socialist state may work in this manner is a smear? Against whom? Your paranoia is amazing.

Nearly as amazing as your 'correction' post below which presumes yourself to be the arbiter on what 'intellectual discourse' is and is not. I get it, blind agreement with you is acceptable, anything else is 'smears' and 'falsehoods'. Thats the pathetic indignant cry of someone who can't face up to arguing points, so simply accuses the arguer of anything in the hope to win by intimidation and personal attacks.

For someone who apparently hates Rand you certainly do seem to have the same inability to interact as those immature Rand followers who resort to calling one 'evil' and 'irrational' prior to going off in a huff (having not argued any point).

Please continue to call me names, it changes nothing but perhaps offers you some relief from something.

Incidently I did invite you to carry out a previous statement you made - to the effect that you ignore me - and you didnt that time. I genuinely don't care either way.

: No, as I've pointed out MANY TIMES BEFORE, those holding a B.A. or above are ONLY 25% of the American population.

And that isnt a lot of people?

: 'Specialization' continues to develop, all right---providing that we call cashiering, janitoring, sales, and waiting tables specialized work.

Go to a hospital and compare roles with those of 100 years ago, then do so at a factory, a government department, almost any organisation and you will note that specialised roles are more diverse and numerous than ever before. Then you can shrink back into portraying the world as you want it to be, so as to fit your arguments.

: If you're so keen on a 'voluntary scheme,' why don't you ask all the capitalists you revere so much to PUT AWAY all their soldiers and cops and then we'll see how well this happy neoliberal thang goes---eh?

You fantasize that those people are essential to 'prop up' capitalism. That the only thing stopping it all collapsing are the relatively tiny amount of police and military people and the force they represent.

You need to imagine that 'really' there is a vast mass of latently socialist people out there just waiting for you.

There aren't, thats why you have to argue in here where you can be a big fish in a small pond (lovely though the pond is), and not out there where realistically you would be a microbe in an ocean.

As I accept that any libertarian arguments get short shrift in the public domain.

The Greens candidate will get more votes than you, many more.

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