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I might have overestimated. Maybe you're only Jimmy Olsen

Posted by: MDG on December 22, 1999 at 15:48:37:

In Reply to: Let's talk to Lois Lane posted by Stoller on December 22, 1999 at 10:10:48:

: : As I said before, we are dealing with society as it is NOW, not in some future, better incarnation, and in the HERE AND NOW, court- appointed attorneys (i.e., gov't sponsored charitable legal services) for abused children are a stark necessity. As you probably know, those services are consistently underfunded and under-resourced, but people like my wife put up with the shit anyway because they were committed to the cause.

: Let us acknowledege that BOTH of us exist in the 'here and now.'

You're slipping, Barry -- you've actually agreed with something I said.

: Reformism has its place. It usually follows on the heels of struggle---real, live, messy MASS struggle. The struggle is not initiated by reformists, however, it is initiated by revolutionaries. For example, communists agitate unions, which then struggle; later---after the struggle---lawyers defend the gains of labor in court.

: Do you see the sequence?

I see A sequence, and it's a fine one at that. But not only commies agitate; let's just say that agitators agitate. Not only that, but one can be an agitator on the street, then a reformist at the typewriter, and a lawyer at the office. The Struggle accomodates all types of people, in all shapes and guises.

: Do court- appointed attorneys traditionally march in the streets for what they believe in?

Not only do they march in the streets, but they even wake up in the wee hours of a cold autumn morning to march in the woods behind heavily armed men seeking to blast holes in animals. Becoming a lawyer (or other evil labor aristocrat) doesn't extinguish one's inner fire.

: Stoller:

: P.S. As far as 'blathering on a electronic chatboard' goes---why is it OK for YOU to do so, but it's somehow NOT OK for me?

: : Better check those sights on your Kalishnikov, comrade, you're wide off the mark. If I'd been comparing you to ME, then you'd have a point. However, I was comparing your societal contributions to those of my wife.

: Then by all means, let Lois Lane speak for herself.

Sorry, Lois is on assignment in the real world. As it is, she believes that Clark spends too much time on-line anyway.

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