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Maybe this metaphor is getting old

Posted by: Stoller on December 22, 1999 at 20:46:37:

In Reply to: I might have overestimated. Maybe you're only Jimmy Olsen posted by MDG on December 22, 1999 at 15:48:37:

: You're slipping, Barry -- you've actually agreed with something I said.

I only debate issues. When someone on the left says something I disagree with, I sound off. When someone on the right says something I agree with, I concur. I do not debate with 'political' coalitions in sight.

: But not only commies agitate; let's just say that agitators agitate.

All who agitate against capitalism are potential communists. Those who reduce their demands during the struggle become centrists. Those who reduce their expectations after the struggle become opportunists. Those who continue their demands become revolutionary communists.

Or was that too much 'boring' theory? Take a Marx Brothers break if you're starting to fall asleep...

Do court- appointed attorneys traditionally march in the streets for what they believe in?

: Not only do they march in the streets, but they even wake up in the wee hours of a cold autumn morning to march in the woods behind heavily armed men seeking to blast holes in animals. Becoming a lawyer (or other evil labor aristocrat) doesn't extinguish one's inner fire.

Making more money than most people and having a better job than most people doesn't exactly encourage a CONSISTENT proletarian outlook.

A lawyer can always defend the other side (after 'putting up with a lot of shit' from ungrateful proletarians, for example). A proletariat, however, REMAINS a proletariat.*

[L]et Lois Lane speak for herself.

: Sorry, Lois is on assignment in the real world. As it is, she believes that Clark spends too much time on-line anyway.

Then, by all means, stop wasting your afternoons with 'cult-like Trostkyites handing out leaflets on the street corner and blathering on a electronic chatboard'; go save a forest or something.


* Unless they are fortunate to become a statistical oddity, like Stuart Gort and basketball stars.

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