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I got an idea

Posted by: Stoller on December 30, 1999 at 11:01:43:

In Reply to: Force people to do tasks?! posted by Lark on December 29, 1999 at 10:57:46:

: Force!! Force people to do tasks?!! That's a least as bad as capitalism, anyone for 'it's damn worse'?!!

If you think people will volunteer to do unskilled but necessary tasks straight out of capitalist society's ideological vise-grip, then you are blowing bubbles (along with your mentor, RD).

: Bad luck Barry, look at the J18 and N30 protests and you'll find the common denominator was INDIVIDUALS, not classes or the proletariat or any other rhetorical [?] wind, asserting themselves in an effort to frustrate institutions and processes that they see as DISEMPOWERING them.

And if YOU will look at ALL substantive social transformations (like the French Revolution and the American Civil War which replaced the feudal mode of production with the bourgeois mode of production), you'll note that CLASSES transact such sweeping transformations---not individuals.

: Empowerment is the means and the end, it's everything, it's engendered in the notion of DIRECT ACTION that is taking over the popular protest movements and leaving political parties and trot 'vanguards' in it's wake.

'Empowerment' to?---or 'empowerment' from? You still cannot grasp the fundamentals of the issue.

Calling me a 'trot' day in and day out isn't helping your contradictory philosophic muddle of welfare-state liberalism and anarchist libertarianism one bit.

: People dont trust the state, they dont trust the market, they sure as hell dont trust assasinators like Trotsky and lets jsut see your mass following...er...zilch, if I'm not wrong.

I got an idea, Lark.

How about you and I call it quits?

McSpotlight: Please do.

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