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My mentor? Don't make me laugh Barry

Posted by: Lark on January 10, 19100 at 10:26:26:

In Reply to: I got an idea posted by Stoller on December 30, 1999 at 11:01:43:

: If you think people will volunteer to do unskilled but necessary tasks straight out of capitalist society's ideological vise-grip, then you are blowing bubbles (along with your mentor, RD).

My mentor? Don't make me laugh Barry, me and RD are comrades but we definitely dont see eye to eye like that, neither would I consider him in anyway the source of my ideas.

The tasks you discribe, here are the tasks that are conducive to the greatest degree of alienation at present. Are you seriously proposing that instead of abolishing these tasks, instead of erradicating alienation, we maintain them and spread them out so that everyone can be equally immiserated and alienated? Dont be a fool Barry, no one is with you at all there. Drink some of this, it's coffee liquer and bailey's I think it's nice, it might get you to think straight too.

: And if YOU will look at ALL substantive social transformations (like the French Revolution and the American Civil War which replaced the feudal mode of production with the bourgeois mode of production), you'll note that CLASSES transact such sweeping transformations---not individuals.

Now that is a nonsense, there is an element of individuals behaving as 'classes' because they display a unity of interests and ideology but such claims are rubbished by popular anti-class revolutions like the 99% vote of the Nazi Party under Hitler and that cant simply be explained away as false consiousness either.

: 'Empowerment' to?---or 'empowerment' from? You still cannot grasp the fundamentals of the issue.

No, I can mate, I've got the banner nailed to the wood, you dont you see it as a question of either 'to' or 'from' it is a matter of both, it cant be understood any other way, that is where the capitalists fail believing that the starving man is still free or that freedom can be restricted to 'from' your making a mirror image mistake here.

: Calling me a 'trot' day in and day out isn't helping your contradictory philosophic muddle of welfare-state liberalism and anarchist libertarianism one bit.

Isnt helping? What? I mean you are a 'trot' I'm not engaging in name calling, maybe you thing trot is an attempt to shut you out, I'm trying to label your position so that it can be debated. As to my muddle, it is a moteley socialism to be sure, huh? It's like this, I'm anarchist through and through because there is no other more logical socialism. What you refer to as 'welfarism' is more a case of pro-reform anti-reformism, it's about mindsets and not being a proponent of impossiblism. Whether that is the anarcho reform is impossible or the reformist revolution is impossible.

: I got an idea, Lark.

Hmmmm, What? Er?

: How about you and I call it quits?

What you saying truce or something?

: --
: McSpotlight: Please do.

What you saying? I dont think it's been to bitter.

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