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Explain this reaction please

Posted by: Gee ( si ) on December 30, 1999 at 13:57:45:

In Reply to: Of libertarian extremists and their biased 'science.' posted by MDG on December 30, 1999 at 12:55:01:

: You sure have it hard for those libertarian nutjobs, don't you, Frenchy? Bonner Cohen of the Lexington Institute? This guy probably mumbles "business good, government bad" in his sleep. Where do you find these wackos -- Rush's website links?

Can you explain this common reaction to any one wo dares suggest that the world may not be falling apart quite as fast as the most extreme doomster insists it is? Or that government may indeed be the problem on a proportion of issues.

Why not scrutinize the research and analysis rather than take an ideological side based upon which institute the work hails from. To do that is to also damn every page on www.dieoff.org as being way too 'lefty' to read.

The jury is still out on a lot of environmental issues - I know you may wish to see action now, based upon the possibility that it is mans actions that are the cause, but do take heed of that frog fiasco a while back (where mutated frogs were found, blamed upon mankind and later discovered to be victims of parasites common to frogs - they just hadnt been studied much before!!).

I.e., lets not jump the gun - lets study it just as critically as a physicists theory is studied by his peer group.

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