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Spontaneous Lies

Posted by: Lark on January 10, 19100 at 12:27:43:

Spontaneous anything is a lie.

I dont believe that the in 'market forces' the same way I dont believe in sun worship, it's a myth and a pusedo-religious lie.

It whole issue of 'market forces' is that it is supposedly spontaneous and natural, what nonsense, just like the rain magically falls or is sent by God.

Rather than investing faith in notions like the 'invisible hand' of the market that makes everything orderly, everyone should wake up and see the 'not so invisible hand' of finance capital, in it's share castles, and corporate America, Japan etc., captaining hellish industry, organising the world and wasting precious resources at a rapid speed.

It's not natural, it's created, it's not unplanned either, that's another gross myth, there's state planning and there's private planning and both are woefully beyond the control of the individual, whether they view themselves as primarily producers or consumers.

To everyone that gonna take a slight at me for being against a planned revolution, forget that, I back planning to the hilt but it's got to be accountable, democratic in a very real sense and above all LEADERLESS!!

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