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Pinochet murdered everyone who disagreed with his conservative free market

Posted by: Lark on January 10, 19100 at 18:12:59:

In Reply to: Try again, Ace. posted by Frenchy on January 10, 19100 at 11:09:41:

: : Oh, there's no doubt at all that Hitler was an enamy of Individualism, what makes you think that's not a very common thing among right wingers? The left has historically been far more libertarian, if not individualistic.

: $$$$$$$$$$LOL! Yeah, tell that to the people who want to leave Cuba.

You see this: $$$$$$$$$LOL! That means your a loser, OK? Maybe if your 'mighty nation' would stop bullying Cuba for two seconds we'd see how many people wanted out.

You can tell all the impoverished russians who're voting for former oppressers that capitalism is all about prosperity and individual freedom too or get pally with the Chinese like your 'freedom fighting' government.

: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$Sure, OK, what ever you say, doc. Next you'll be telling me that Kruchev was a registered Republican and that Mao and Stalin were members of the Montana Militia.
: You guys, shhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssshhhhhhhhhhhh.

Er, Frenchy, I didnt write that part of the post it was a reference from you dumbass.

: : If you are a politically prejudiced lunatic who will not read left wing accounts first hand and discover what their opinions on individual really are, as opposed to merely inventing spectres like this sod then it's a summation of leftist ideology.

: I know good and well what they say. Anybody with a room temperature IQ knows what the lefties say.
: It's what they do that gets me.
: Keep your eye on the ball, not the pitcher's bubble-gum.

Well if they talk the talk and dont walk the walk are they really socialists? If someone insisted to you that they where a Republican Neo-Conservative Libertarian Anti-state Militia man but tried to further the cause of gun control, full nationalisation, heavily progressive income tax, free abortion and reduced military spending would you be convinced they where a Republican Neo-Conservative Libertarian Anti-state Militia man?

: $$$$$$$$$$$Theory? Oh, yes, that wonderful thing, as one of us right wing 'nuts' has previously pointed out, that has not been demonstrated in any meaningful way. Is this the same as 'castles in the air'? If not, what's the difference.

Disreali was a Conservative in Britain that believed in progressive taxation, corporatism and nationalisation, T.S. Eliot another conservative was unsure of the 'christian morality' capitalist jobs or are these false conservatives?

There can be differences between theorists and activists within certain ideologies, I dont generalise you do.

Pinochet murdered everyone who disagreed with his conservative free market isnt he a capitalist too?

If so then capitalism is no more innocent of inhumanity, brutality and crime than communism.

: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$Your gonna have to learn to talk standard English. That's just gobbledy-gook that's meant to inspire awe towards those spouting it, usually a pseudo-intellectual.

I'm not being psuedo-intellectual or anything, your avoiding the issues, your account has been refuted so you act dumb, that's fine with me numbskull.

: $$$$$$$$$$$$$Oh? Really? Competition was a mark of Hitler? Ever hear of the Cold War? There are many of us who would look at that period as a competition between the Left and the Right.

So what does that tell you about those so called 'socialists' and 'communists' perhaps they where just using the title.

: As a matter of fact, there are some people on this very board, who whild denouncing the idea of competition, are in fact competing against others who happen to support a saner world.

Excuse me?

: Care to guess who I'm talkin' 'bout?

Well I know your trying to compete with your brand of insanity but it's just not working out.

: : Is it Socialist to believe in competition? Of course not.

: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$...........LOL!!!......................................


I'm not even going to bother reading the rest.

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