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being picky

Posted by: Gee ( si ) on January 12, 19100 at 17:55:03:

In Reply to: by way of a mission statement posted by Lark on January 12, 19100 at 15:38:27:

: We must never forget what we are about friends, comrades, citizens otherwise new horrors like Bolshevism, Maoism etc. will occur and our foes will have more propaganda to tap into and scare monger with.

Just to be picky - if it is forgotten, and if nastiness does result then it wont be propoganda or scare mongering - it will be the truth.

: The problem is that time and again Socialism has repeated the sins of liberalism, compromising principle, confusing principle, losing principle.

I understand what you say following the above, but I get the impression from Stoller's posts that he believes socialism's principles are broken by 'modern day' socialist-liberals. Would you concur with this impression?

I'm in a 'principles' mood lately anyway so I shall follow these threads with interest.

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