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consider the might of capital in the free market

Posted by: Lark on January 12, 19100 at 18:29:58:

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: Yeah I think that can be confusing. Its better to analyse any similarities aswell as any differences. Hitler was close to Stalin as Hayek is close to Proudhon with regard to statism v liberty, subjugation of individual v emancipation of individual. From there paralells can be drawn. Comparisons between Hayek and Hitler, for instance, don't work. It isn't left or right, its far more a range of characteristics. I did remember that I said I'd do a post on this matter one day - I'll have to dig out some research.

In terms of policy is more what I was thinking or action. For instance the planning of the economy is entirely different between Hitler and Stalin but not that different between Hayek and Hitler EG the needs and freedom of capital are paramount but the violent regimes of Hitler and Stalin are similar and not, if he is to be considered as honest, as I consider him although I'm a little cynical, similar to Hayek.

: : The only reason that the association between Hitler and the opposing political perspective, the left wing perspective, is made is to try and create HORROR, so that people will not THINK, or REASON, they will simply be HORRIFIED and the subject will be closed.

: Is it not possible that trying to marry up the free market to Nazism is a similar excercise?

Possibly but if you consider the might of capital in the free market is it not possible that private indiviuals could employ brown shirts for strike breaking and 'property protection'.

: : Gee once stated that the left wing thinkers on this debate forum where more interesting and rational than on others because they didn't lapse into alleging HORRORS perpetually, such as, the starving children or that's not fair so he should know what I'm talking about when he reads this, that the right wingers are more guilty than we are of this 'horror retail'.

: Yes I recall, I said the interesting socialist posters dont simply point at starving Africans and cry out indignantly, presenting that as 'proof' of something, but endeavour to explain economic outcomes in terms of socialist critiques. You, RD, Stoller, NJ and SDF have all made quality arguments (even if I didnt agree with many) on this. Pro free market posters must do better than repeat the horror of Russia or various barbaric regimes - its well known, and its a pertinant point in many cases - but not all. The reasons why such horrors come about need to be explored.

Exactly, here, here Gee.

: We can all have deep empathy for the suffering of others (or at least fake it with indignant high horsemanship), but that feeling on its own isnt an explanation or a reason to pursue one policy or another. There is a need for rationality, despite what Septimus seemed to think in his recent post!

It is a matter of how strong empathy is, I believe that in a natural order it is stronger than self interest, that self interest is a product of the refenforcement of the status quo with trendy ideology, if you consider it differently then fine, there are a lot of socialists, EG Oscar Wilde, Einstein etc. who have approached it with self interest in mind.

: : It's essentially libellous rubbish, libel solves nothing it persuades no one of anything at all

: Good point with McDonalds. They should have kept quiet, but blew the libel data into the public domain. Yet still the vast majority of people just don't know or have an interest in learning the truth on way or another - even though there is a truth out there!

Sure, we might just be wasting our time but it's fun none the less, fun like a cheese burger in the cold wind and rain.... (no I dont think I'll start that again).

: --
: McSpotlight: And because McDonald's took it into the public domain by trying to repress criticism, we set up McSpotlight; and 2 million WWWM leaflets got handed out; they would have been much better leaving well alone; but they didn't...

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