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Posted by: Gee ( si ) on January 14, 19100 at 11:22:12:

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: For instance the planning of the economy is entirely different between Hitler and Stalin but not that different between Hayek and Hitler EG the needs and freedom of capital are paramount

Hitler placed the needs of the nation as paramount - so that any success of any person was not for himself but for the nation. For someone like Hayek any succes was your own and not for others to leech from. The difference is as between ice and steam.

: Possibly but if you consider the might of capital in the free market is it not possible that private indiviuals could employ brown shirts for strike breaking and 'property protection'.

If the protection is legitimate ("its my house, stop throwing bricks at it!") then the defence is legitimate.

: It is a matter of how strong empathy is, I believe that in a natural order it is stronger than self interest,

I think empathy is borne of 'self interest' - that one who fails to value himself cannot empathise with another - is simply unable to consider another without having known what it is to be a human, to understand himself.

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