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Posted by: St(r)oller on January 14, 19100 at 11:12:29:

In Reply to: Think Tank posted by Lark on January 13, 19100 at 11:42:09:

: Granted if you belief there's such thing as an honest profit it seems ridiculous, complete lunacy, me on form, well, given that I believe in the labour theory of value and surplus value etc...

: However, eventually he sets up a factory with a taylorist production line and authoritarian management and sells the produce for more than it's worth to John Doe...

Here you demonstrate that you DO NOT understand surplus value in the least.

All commodities (averaging out socially necessary labor-time) are exchanged (sold) for their TRUE value.

Surplus-value is what the workers have transferred to the commodity in labor-power---the consumer pays for all of it; the consumer receives all of it---but the worker never gets the surplus-value he / she initially put into it, the capitalist does. (Only because the worker can survive on less is the value his / her work creates called 'surplus.')

Can't you grasp the concept after all the time you've spent on this debate board?

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