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Posted by: Gee ( si ) on January 14, 19100 at 11:22:02:

In Reply to: Think Tank posted by Lark on January 13, 19100 at 11:42:09:

: However, eventually he sets up a factory with a taylorist production line and authoritarian management and sells the produce for more than it's worth to John Doe, unfortunate but true,

Actually he has his factory over in the UK somewhere and by all accounts is very open and non-Taylorist in his company culture, no executive washrooms and all that stuff. He sells the produce for what John Doe is *willing* to exchange for it.

: that said I liked the way Dyson scared Hoover shitless with the competition.

Why? Will you like Dyson if he becomes the wold Nr 1 or will the 'big is bad' myth come into play then? Dyson is not the underdog to root while small and slam when big (that a strange British cultural thing, I understand)

: While we're on that point, point of sale (PR joke), the market doesnt equal the best goods otherwise we'd not have VHS recorders in our homes, they are inferior to the other variety that emerged at the same time are now only operate in TV stations.

Yes, both Betamax and Philips VH2000 were technically better. However they were not as easy to produce nor as cheap. If a Lexus is better than a compact shouldn't we all be driving them? Horses for courses and all that Lark.

:But they are all hangers on, they all need the Mr Dysons and all the honest and productive folk to make their own nastiness possible.

: True, how do you suppose we rid ourselves of them? Regulation and political action being unacceptable to a laissez faire ideologue.

Regulation evidently does not stop them now, especially when some of the regulators are them! I doubt one can be rid of them, but the only way to try is to have the proper defence against them in law and society - one which does not compromise with nor glorify them.

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