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Posted by: Gee ( si ) on January 18, 19100 at 18:41:53:

In Reply to: Communism drives people insane (correct version). posted by MDG on January 18, 19100 at 17:44:34:

: In a rational world, there would be no question about what to do with a young boy whose mother died, and who had a loving father waiting for him at home: return him.

you seem to omit that the mother died trying desperately to bring the boy a new future in the US *AWAY* from his 'homeland'. the father, btw, was estranged - dont make assumptions about their relation, nor that Cuba is free speech (try and get Animal Farm or a Von Mises book printed there)

To return him is to undo his mothers intention as if it were a mere windsurfing accident.

: By the way, as one black pundit has pointed out, it's a shame Elian isn't Haitian -- he'd have been sent home in a heartbeat!

Note the lack of Haitian people desperately trying to escape to America on anything floating and the corresponding dispicable image of US coast gaurds turning them away, back to their terror.

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