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Health Insurance in America: VOMIT!

Posted by: MDG on January 19, 19100 at 18:57:04:

You non-Americans don't know how lucky you are. The most powerful lobby in America against national health insurance is the Health Insurance Association of America. Some years ago, when Prez. Clinton tried to introduce a plan to insure all Americans, the HIAA went on the warpath with a commercial featuring a "typical" couple called Harry and Louise which effectively destroyed public support for government-provided health insurance (ironically, the Harry and Louise actors both lacked health insurance in real life). Clinton's plan was very flawed, as it kept private health insurers in the picture, but the HIAA did its best to equate National Health Insurance with Satan himself. "Trust us," they said, "we'll make insurance more affordable."

Now, there are more uninsured Americans than ever - nearly a fifth of the population, and get this: the HIAA is hauling out Harry and Louise ads again, THIS TIME DECRYING THE PLIGHT OF UNINSURED AMERICANS!" These disgusing hypocrites have no shame whatsoever. You folks who aren't Americans can count your blessings.

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