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Posted by: greedstomper ( the universe ) on January 23, 19100 at 23:46:31:

Looking around at not only my group of friends but other kids on this planet it seems that more alternatives to the traditional "white-bred, suburbia" image are sprouting up. From Anarchists to Junior Communists, some kids are becoming more involved in politics and taking an interest in the world around them. The only problem is the fact that there are not anough of them willing to crawl out from under their rocks with their different groups. If only we could all unite to stop a major world catatrophe like, let's say, MacDonald's and Walmart to name a few. In my universe, all of the little stores around us are being closed to make way for another Walmart in our fair city. I've seen the horrific closures due to our new "mega-malls". (i.e. the construction of a huge movie theatre hailed the closing of the other three small ones in town, leaving them with a "10-dollar a movie" monopoly. This is absolute fucking bullshit, and all of this capitalist crap gives me a headache. I only wish that we could get more people together.....screw the majority....if all the minorities got together wouldn't we be then the majority? Hell, we could take over the world....UNITE TO FIGHT!

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