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Posted by: Frenchy on January 24, 19100 at 10:06:09:

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...Turn on Tune in Drop out. I am the Walrus.

: What the "Food Not Bombs!" people, as well as the "You can't hug your child with nuclear arms!" bumper-sticker crowd are missing is the fact that social spending is inherently democratic. People KNOW if they need a hospital in their community and they KNOW what kind. People KNOW if they need a school. They KNOW that forty kids to a class is too many. People KNOW things about what their community should have.

: But they don't know how to fly an F-1 or F-14 or F-16. Military spending is inherently undemocratic. It gives the bourgeoisie an excuse to rob the poor and pay the rich. That's why America spends so much money on its military.

: Now, to answer the second question my non-American friend asked me in the cafeteria: Sure, American politicians love war. But I'll betcha there'd be less wars if the rest of the world would would be good little boys and girls, go along with the "free-market" and bow to our capitalist will. Golly, if people would only do that, we could finally have what John Lennon hoped for! That is, if only the other countries would quit fighting America's leadership, we could all give peace a chance.

This is pretty good for a screed. I admit that I stopped reading half way through though, so I may not be giving you full credit. I stopped reading at the part about the 'thugs' that America deals with, when I realized that you don't know there is a fundamental difference between international relations and personal relations.
I'm a product, unfortunately, of the sixties and remember my adulation of John Lennon.
Then I grew up and saw him for what he really was; a huckster. Find that hard to believe? Take a look at the other Beatles who John Hinkly didn't get and see what sort of palatial lives they live. You think they believe that crap they spouted? They are the very capitalists you pretend to hate so much. Jokes on you Rube. If you want to believe the sort of tripe that he was pushing, fine, be my guest.
In the meantime you could step aside and let adults take care of business.
Oh yeah, the guns, go to www.nra.com and get a clue.

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