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The shot heard around the world...

Posted by: Frenchy on January 25, 19100 at 00:20:50:

In Reply to: This from an NRA endorser? posted by Samuel Day Fassbinder on January 24, 19100 at 16:17:26:

: :
: : And yet, and yet Nickel Jack, the world casts off the miserable failed experiment of Communism.
: : Do you see yourself, along with Krasny and Samuel Day Fassbinder, standing over an open pit holding AK-47's? I do.

: SDF: Well, Frenchy, since you've already admitted to owning a gun and since you justendorsed the NRA, that esteemed collection of gun-lovers, we'd have to say that it's YOU who we imagine holding the guns...

: BTW, are you a fascist, like Farinata said you were?

Ahh, good point Sam. I wonder if you have any idea of the number of NRA members who have been convicted of homicides? If, as you imply, the numbers are significant, you'd expect this to be widely publicized, wouldn't you? They'd be hoist by their own petard. But I don't recall seeing any information about that, do you? So who is responsible for the many homicides that are committed every year? Ever hear of somebody by the name of Kleck and the study he did concerning crimes committed w/ firearms? You might be surprised.
You know of course that there are no chapters of the NRA in Cuba, Russia, China, Cambodia, and a lot of other really nasty places. Maybe...

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