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it'd be a waste of time on my part.

Posted by: Frenchy on January 25, 19100 at 00:22:33:

In Reply to: Which came first, the chicken, or Norman D.? posted by Samuel Day Fassbinder on January 24, 19100 at 16:17:09:

: : The model that you use is so craven that it doesn't deserve any serious consideration.

: SDF: "Craven"? Is that the best you can do? That isn't even CLOSE to "wrong," so I think I'll take this opportunity to provide an update...

: : Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Fassbinder. How can a smart person be so thick?

: SDF: Maybe it's because you're too chickenshit to challenge a SINGLE ONE of my points...

Considering how well that has been done by people far more knowledgeable about the subject, many even had had personal experience w/ your fantasies, it'd be a waste of time on my part.
You can't even accept that 'surplus value' is idiocy defined. Your a joke to be taken as one. A smart joke, but a joke nevertheless.

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