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I'm under no illusions (with apologies to Grace Slick)

Posted by: MDG on January 25, 19100 at 18:40:06:

In Reply to: The joke is on you posted by Barry Stoller on January 25, 19100 at 00:18:19:

: : P.S. Not that today's Democrats are much better, but -- hard as it is to believe -- they ARE still better than the Republicans.

: Here come the candidates in their expensive threads
: Here come their PR machines with the usual talking heads
: They've got facts and figures and anecdotes
: They've got clean white smiles to beguile our votes
: They've got credentials and common sense
: And millions of dollars for advertisements
: They're proof that we live in a democracy
: They're door one and door two---there is no door three;

: It's old Coke or new Coke
: Who says you don't have a choice?
: It's more of the same or more of the same
: Go on and use your voice!;

: Here come the candidates garbed in red, white and blue
: Here come their polling experts to scrutinize me and you
: They've got demographics for every region
: And pundits who know how to put on the spin
: They're prim and they’re proper with family values
: And they act like we care who will win and who'll lose
: They're proof

Did you pen that ditty yourself, Barry, perhaps from your musician days? It's no secret that the Republicans and Democrats are two heads of the same beast, but to blindly say that they're both entirely the same is to overlook reality. Which party is dedicated to wiping out abortion rights? Which party is dead set against gays in the military? Which party is overwhelmingly anti-environment? The Democrats have the likes of Paul Wellstone and Russell Feingold and Bernie Sanders; I challenge you to offer just ONE progressive Republican.

One pill makes you sicker, and one pill makes you dead
And to pick out the better one, requires you use your head
Don't ask Barry
He thinks he knows all!
And if you go chasing Marxists
You'll end up with Jesse Helms
And the Supreme Court
With Clarence and Scalia
Descends deeper into right-wing realms!
Don't ask Barry
He thinks he knows all!

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