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It's About a Little Thing I Like to Call 'Consistency'

Posted by: Krasny ( Internationale, All Countries... ) on January 26, 19100 at 10:35:25:

In Reply to: You subscribe posted by Gee on January 25, 19100 at 12:50:08:

: : with bland insinuation

: Couldnt have been that bland - it got you *very* excited

**Moi? You think *that* was 'excited?'

"This is a fish.... there is a barrel. Here is a barrel.... there is a fish."** --K

: :, ignores the facts regarding the mother and stepfather which we do know,

: Upon which you made a number of value judgements which youre 'allowed' to make but no one else is.

**:::BUZZZZ!::: Wrong mein kampf. *Your* sole conclusion based upon the fact that the boy's mother and father were 'estranged' was that we should therefore suspend judgement on the question of his fitness as a parent. *I* then went on to show what an idiot you were for asserting this point and *further* showed those facts we do know about the stepfather and mother which *you* chose/choose to ignore. I know you have a tendancy to snip posts in order to remove those points for which you lack the testicular fortitude to attack or defend, but you should at least *try* to keep it all straight in your own mind.** --K

: : demands evidence of the father's fitness as a parent which isn't based on 'hearsay' testimony

: Wouldn't you?

**Did you eat lead paint chips as a kid or something? If you define 'hearsay' as "information heard from another person..." (Webster's), then how on earth is this guy *supposed* to defend himself from such CANF inspired rumors as his unfitness as a parent when he lives in Cuba? Every single piece of evidence will of necessity by 'hearsay' testimony. The question is how reliable and convincing is the testimony which is offered. What I want to know O' Great One, is why you think this guy should have to react to your accusations *at all* since you apparently have no evidence supporting your contention that he is somehow unfit as a parent beyond your vague and cowardly assertion that he was 'estranged'?** --K

: : declares his disdain for the embargo which *by design* is causing the hardships which Cubans are enduring.

: So you subscribe to the fairy tale belief that Cuba's condition is entirely and *only* the result of US embargo and that its political authorities have nothing but positive contributions to make? Very well - you subscribe away.

**I subscribe to the notion that taking a child and starving it to death and then gloating about how poorly it performs is stupid and serves to inform me more about the git making the comparison than it does about the actual cause of the child's poor performance. In the case of Cuba, we would have to laud the Cuban people and by extension their system of government which has accomplished so much with so little for as long as they have. I will stack up demographic data on Cuba against any other Latin American country any day of the week... and twice on Sundays. Will you? How about your pick from earlier in the thread? Haiti.

If Haiti does worse than Cuba in every single demographic category despite the fact that it is a capitalist nation which receives millions of $$'s in US aid and all the blessings of 'free' trade; while Cuba is under an economic embargo by the most powerful nation in the world, would that convince you that maybe, just maybe mind you, Cuba might do even better if she had the ability to formulate her own policies on trade and freely pick her trade partners *on the same basis* as Haiti? Let's see you weasel your way out of all that...** --K

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