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Nope, not at all. Read all about it here.

Posted by: Frenchy on January 26, 19100 at 10:42:19:

In Reply to: All or nothing: is that your standard? posted by MDG on January 25, 19100 at 23:25:59:

: : : "Plant Murderer!" Well, I've been called worse. Guilty as charged, but my defense is: no brain, no pain.

: : : : I've been having a lot of problems accessing that same link for some reason. Anyways, here's the story. By the way, if your as fit as a fiddle why are you so incensed over health care?

: : : Have we reached a moment of truth here, Frenchy? That's a helluva question you asked me, which I'll answer thusly:

: : : I am well fed, so why do I care that others are starving?
: : : I am well housed, so why do I care about the homeless?
: : : I am comfortable, so why do I care about the tortured?

: : : Frenchy, you may dwell upon the answer -- I think you ought to, my proudly conservative friend.
: : : Shall I continue, Frenchy

: : OK, I've thought about it. It's approximately the same answer that I've given to Farinata and others. If these things bug you so much, do something about it. Do a Mother Teresa. The time spent on the net is great for salving a guilty conscience but your doing as much as I am for those

: I am lucky to have a job in which I help conserve the environment AND also help feed and employ poor people, so I feel I've achieved "success" in life. I also spent a good deal of my own time and effort and money doing something you probably think is frivolous: helping homeless cats. I also do what I can as an activist for other causes. I would bet you anything that almost everyone else on this website also gives of themselves.

Your right, I think it's frivolous, but as long as your doing what you think is right then you should be commended. I mean that. And I feel the same about anyone who follows your example. I draw the line when people advocate that governments, this government especially should do those things that people are perfectly capable of doing for themselves. Believe me, if tomorrow the government instituted a Department of Feline Welfare it'd recieve my scorn, condemnation, ridicule, etc.

: Now, about being Mother Theresa. Yes, of course I could do more, and it's possible that I might have taken that path early on in life; as it is now, I have a family and responsibilities, and I can't commit myself as much as Mother T., or the very fine people who run Farm Sanctuary, etc. But so what? I and others who do what they can are at least DOING SOMETHING. Save your criticism for those who do nothing, or worse, actively hurt others. Be an activist, Frenchy! Send a letter to Jesse Helms telling him what an asshole he is (trust me, you'll feel better, and God will smile upon you).

Look, my bone is with wasting tax-payers money on government programs aimed at doing for people those things they are capable of doing. Individual citizens are not capable fo delivering mail, minting money, collecting garbage, providing for defense, etc. Those things are a government's functions. Getting a damn job and providing food for yourself is something that any normal person can do. Even if it means he has to work at McDonalds (did I mention that my wife worked at McDonalds? Yeah, that was her first job when she came to this country. I used to visit her on my lunch breaks and always got into her line and she'd take my order and say 'Is that all for you today, sir?'. She looked cute in her little McDonalds suit.)

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