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We don't need no steenkin bumper-stickers.

Posted by: MDG on February 01, 19100 at 10:35:47:

In Reply to: We Don't Need Bourgeois Democracy... posted by Krasny on January 29, 19100 at 12:46:35:

: *Big deal... so you vote for the crook.

It IS a big deal, ya dumb taco-with-meat-sauce eater! C'mon Krasny, do you really believe that keeping David Duke out of the statehouse wasn't important enough to compromise and vote for Edwards? I don't believe that.

:The real question is, "What do you do so that in four years, you don't have to go through the same exercise in lesser-evilism?" I fear that Democracy is yet one more casualty of so-called 'consumerism.' We seem to think that political choices are something over which we have no control and candidates are merely another corporate offering. It's Coke or New Coke.

You do have a choice. You can continue to work for your vision, organize for your vision, field candidates for your vision, and when you're strong enough, achieve your vision; in the meantime, you have to cut your losses by voting for the less-destructive candidate when there's no other choice. That's smart poker.

: But isn't that the whole point of such democratic-oligarchy? To let people think they actually have a choice? That includes the neo-nazi loons out there... throw in an RC cola now and then. In the end, they know everyone will go for the Coke.

Work from the bottom up, or put another way, achieve CRITICAL MASS -- that's how you overthrow coke.
: We'd better wise-up to the fact that none of this nonsense is going to change unless those of us with nothing to lose and everything to gain by change, change it.


: "Cthulu For President: Why Settle For The Lesser Evil?"

Fine, I'll vote for Cthulu for Dunwich County Supervisor. Hell, at least Halloween will be better. In the meantime, allow me to offer you the same lesser of two evils test I offered SDF: Krasny, you're tied up, and you're give two options: you can either get slapped across the face, or have your legs broken. Defiantly calling for neither will only result in letting your captors make the decision for you. So, do you trust your captors to choose the slap over the broken legs, OR WILL YOU CHOOSE THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS FOR YOURSELF (while still vowing revenge in your mind)? Sorta personal now, ain't it?

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