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Ted K. hates the Left, and I for one am proud to earn his hate

Posted by: Nikhil Jaikumar ( DSA, MA, USA ) on February 01, 19100 at 11:30:51:

In Reply to: Excuse me? posted by jason high on January 31, 19100 at 17:25:36:

: Excuse me? Theodore Kaczynski was NOT a right wing terrorist. He
: was, in fact, very anti-technology and should be considered a left
: wing extremist. When searching his shack of a house, they found a
: copy of "Earth in the Balance" by none other than Al Gore. Right wing?

Man, any number of neo-fascist, libertarian college economics professors will have a copy of "Capital" on their desk that they look at whenever they want to get their blood boiling. I sometimes read Bill Buckley's "national Review". does that make me a capitalist fascist like Buckley>

Opposition to technology, incidentally is neither left-wing nor right-wing. I believe that in Afghanistan it was the Left, personified by the Soviets, who wanted to bring social, economic and technological progress, while the Right wanted to drag their people back to the seventh century- with the help of the US, may I add. The outcome today is plain for all to see. Afghanistan has become an "Islamic Emirate" in which paper bags are banned because they might profane the pages of the Koran; in which the penalty for sodomy is live burial; in which women are shot if they go to school, and which makes Khomeini's Iran look like Las Vegas. That was one of our famous CIA success stories

Finally, kazcxyinsky was definitely a right wing terrorist. In that screed that the New York Times posted, he castigated 'the Left' repeatedly, calling us a bunch of sorry-ass whiners who hate success. Yeah, if success is what he and GM represent, then I hate success. Count me out.

: And while it has nothing to do with the death penalty, there is plenty
: of left-wing terrorism to go around.

Actually, left-wing terrorism is deplorable, but the majority of leftist violent resistance is not terrorism. Michael Walzer draws the importance distinction between 'assassination' as typified by the Viet Cong, and 'terrorism', as typified by the PLO or the right-wing death squads in El Salvador. One punished those who are determined to be guilty of specific and universally accepted crimes. The other targets random civilians, using them merely to spread fear and warning. While we may disapporve of extralegal punishment under ordinary circumstances, to classify assassination, guerilla warfare and terrorism as all the same thing ignores history and morality.

:Environmental activists planting
: spikes in the trees that loggers will be cutting with chainsaws so
: they can lose a limb or two. "Animal rights" activists in Atlanta
: who recently dumped a truckload of chicken crap in the street in
: front of a chicken farmers' convention, putting people at risk for
: e. coli and other diseases.

And what about GM and that shit they pulled with the gas tanks and the rear bumpers? People are dead because GM figured that a few wrongful-death lawsuits were cheaper than fixing the gas tanks. Give me the Viet Cong over scum like that any day of the week.

: : 4) those guys in Wyoming who tortured and killed a homosexual youth

: and that exacty opposite of that happened recently, but hardly any
: news organizations ran the story. i guess that crime didn't have
: enough hate in it.

You're talking about the two pederasts who raped and suffocated a young boy. Um, no, it was widely reported, how the hell else do you think I found out about it? I cited it in the original post, so you can't have missed it. I think I tried to be fairly even-handed above.

: jason

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: McSpotlight: Care to cite some sources for the story?

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