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Wouldn't it be terrible if he was right!

Posted by: Mrs Winkler ( Frenchy Fan Club (Oxford Division) ) on February 01, 19100 at 15:10:28:

In Reply to: Your Title posted by Ms. Winkett on February 01, 19100 at 11:34:30:

: Now, Mr. Frenchy, we at the Grammar Club have been discussing the title of your last contribution. Of course we approve of neither your politics nor your use of vulgar language, and we do not approve your--oh, what's the Internet term, "spamming"? --on this board.

: But what we're really wondering is about what to make of your title: "Chickenshit leader to Pinko Central Operation Sowell Food Commencing."

: Are you the 'chickenshit leader' and is this board Pinko Central? If so, why would you report to 'Pinko-Central', a group with whom you have obvious and often acrimonious exchanges? What is 'Sowell-food"? Does this mean that the pinkos on this board will have 'food for thought' after you've completed your operation? Or is it an ironic reference that this post will be 'eaten' by the ravenous commies on this board?
: Is this to imply that you are doing some sort of charity work, similar to that which the US military preens itself for doing?

: Mr. Huggins says simply that your metaphors are mixed in the thickest gruel. Mrs. Cartwright says that you're using military language to compensate for perception of inadequacy, thus the components of your title (a semantic mishmash) do not add up to its function (aligning yourself with the world of males, something you obviously have too few opportunities to do in real life).

: I say you're a fascinating study in primitive thinking, a diagnosis even more thrilling when we recall that you're bi-lingual (at least!) and you've shown an affinity for grammar-book Latin. Why, with you're language skills in English and French, you could say stupid things to more than half the planet!

: I do hope you continue to drop your great load of knowledge on these pages. I hope you never get blocked up, but rather it will always continue to run freely from your mind and through your fingers.

: Oh, Mr. Frenchy, do tell us the intention in your last title and solve our latest tea-time debate. For those of us chained to such parochialisms as logical, you're quite a specimen!

: A breath of air, I might say, like that one coming down the hall from the little boys' room.

My god Ms Winkett you actually read that! I had a look at it and it just looks terrible. The poor boy doesn't even know how to paragraph properly.

Anyways MS Winkett, your analysis was most enlightening, although i am struggling to understand why he called himself the 'chicken-shit leader'.

My husband said that it was some sort of reference to the fact that although he is the leader of the 'ignorance and violence' faction at 'Pinko Central' he is too scared to express his own views.

Wouldn't it be terrible if he was right! I mean then the 'ignorance and violence' faction would be under the tutelage of a man who could only express himself via the words and thoughts of others. How very terrible! Unthinking ignorance and violence! In my day we came up with all sorts of NEW ways to be ignorant and violent AND weren't scared to push it down other peoples throats.

Then Ms Jenkins suggested to me he was actually one of those postmodern french philosophers (what's the name Foocolt, dideroot), that actually don't believe that anything means anything. That is everything is actually nonsense. I must say that this would explain his odd name as well as those infernally indigestable rantings.

I was actually thinking about trying to communicate with the creature. I'm a bit worried though as he clearly communicates on another level. Do you think he'd understand if i posted some of that 'SPAM' nonsense?

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