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More phony-baloney intellektuals

Posted by: Frenchy on February 02, 19100 at 10:47:19:

In Reply to: Wouldn't it be terrible if he was right! posted by Mrs Winkler on February 01, 19100 at 15:10:28:

: Then Ms Jenkins suggested to me he was actually one of those postmodern french philosophers (what's the name Foocolt, dideroot), that actually don't believe that anything means anything. That is everything is actually nonsense. I must say that this would explain his odd name as well as those infernally indigestable rantings.

: I was actually thinking about trying to communicate with the creature. I'm a bit worried though as he clearly communicates on another level. Do you think he'd understand if i posted some of that 'SPAM' nonsense?

: --
: McSpotlight: Is this really serving any really useful purpose?

ABSO-F++++++-lutely!!! The purpose is to focus on me and the stuff that I put in the 'title box', not what Sowell has written! More phony-baloney intellektuals, this time from Merry Olde England, wot say! Hey, limey, why not spend your tea-time pondering the meat of the matter (nevermind the mangled metaphors)?
PS, Chickenshit leader is me; Pinko central is Samual Day Fassbinder. Chickenshit refers to a comment he made directed at me and is therefore meant to be ironic. Pinko refers to his political leanings. Explaining the context would be a waste of time considering your sex. You just wouldn't get it.

McSpotlight: I doubt the authors were really from the UK.

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