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HA! Marxism/Leninism is hardly known for 'consensus', Comrade. LOL!!

Posted by: Frenchy on February 04, 19100 at 10:38:41:

In Reply to: You're not interested in creating anything like a consensus. posted by Jesse on February 03, 19100 at 23:35:48:

: : : I think it hilarious that this Frenchy character...

: : I'll give Frenchy credit for one thing.

: : He posts under his own name.

: : Everyday he opines what he thinks---without subterfuge.

: : Find a point to debate, anonymous, or get lost. There's something pathological about you.

: I don't know how many people you're talking to here, but that doesn't sound very impartial to me! Maybe you should be less concerned with names, labels, plans, programs, parties, who's-who lists, quotes, establishing your revolutionary truth. Perhaps you'd be convincing more people to listen to your ideas.

"Revolutionary truth"? What is that? Get off the jargon. It's trite.

: Wait, I forgot! You're not interested in creating anything like a consensus. No, you're like the Lord Jesus on Judgement Day, separating the sheep from the goats. Or, you're taking the husk from the corn, looking for the cream of the revolutionary crop. You're trying to find out precisely whom you can trust before the bullets fly. In your own words, you must establish people's identity "before (you) stick (your) neck out."

And precisely as in "Darkness at Noon", the ones you did trust are the ones who will help you to the grave. All for the sake of 'consenses', Socialist style.

: I don't know in precisely what manner you're going to be sticking your neck out soon, but I doubt Lark or Samuel Day Fassbinder or Nikhil or anyone else on these pages will be there to help or hinder your sticking. So, the "neck out" business is really just a peek you've indavertently given us into your fantasy life, one that has an odor of "Soldier of Fortune" which makes me a little queasy.


: Actually, Mr. Stoller, we at this node enjoy your bitchiness, even when it's directed at us. And we appreciate your copious notes from Lenin. But you're quit dour and strident, and I can only hope that you approach your personal life with more agility and humor than you present in these pages. Which is to say, rigid thinking has its place, but let's hope, for your sake and ours, that it doesn't go very far beyond these pages.

"...rigid thinking has it's place..."
Understatement of the year.

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