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Posted by: Barry Stoller on February 04, 19100 at 22:52:31:

In Reply to: HA! Marxism/Leninism is hardly known for 'consensus', Comrade. LOL!! posted by Frenchy on February 04, 19100 at 10:38:41:

: "Revolutionary truth"? What is that? Get off the jargon. It's trite.

Frenchy, all the lines about 'revolutionary truth' are sarcastic put-downs of ME. What the unknown poster above is trying to say is that consensus is a good idea.

Communism, as I understand it, does not advocate consensus. It advocates that the working people---who are always a majority---take over the means of production (land, factory, everything that workers have put their labor into) and establish a new government in which the workers are the bosses and the bosses either ship out or become workers.

Consensus is simply a utopian term.

: And precisely as in "Darkness at Noon"...

You have mentioned this book---great book---quite often. I would however suggest you learn a bit more about Bukharin---whose life and death it was based upon. Bukharin went to his grave PROUD to be a communist. Darkness at Noon tends to downplay that aspect and never seeks to explore the reasons.

As I've said before: Stalin killed the Bolsheviks BECAUSE they were Marxists.

Bukharin was the chief proponent of job rotation, something that, if inaugurated, would have PREVENTED Stalin's power.

A metaphor for Stalin: Al Capone said many flattering things about American capitalism. Does that mean he really represented---or understood---capitalism?

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