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It's the variable-ratio schedule from hell, isn't it, Piper?

Posted by: Barry Stoller on February 04, 19100 at 10:42:17:

In Reply to: More utopian dreams from the sleepy eyed stoller posted by Piper on February 03, 19100 at 23:33:59:

: : Everyone in America knows that, whatever the job, on the average, women earn 25% less than men.

: : Women have had the vote since 1920.

: : Why can't women 'vote' themselves wage equity?

: : 'Legislation, whether political or civil, never does more than proclaim, express in word, the will of economic relations' (Marx, The Poverty of Philosophy, International n.d., p. 70).

Piper: So your Utopia's goig to cure all social ills is it stoller? It's going to be what? The end of history?

: BTW economic relations are not the only cause of legislation. To hold to that is naive in the extreme.

Uh... was that an answer to the question?

Again: Why---after 80 years of having the vote---haven't women voted themselves wage equity with men?

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