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No, accountable to Frenchy

Posted by: Barry Stoller on February 05, 19100 at 18:15:28:

In Reply to: Accountable? To Barry? (Shiver!) posted by Spikes McGuire on February 05, 19100 at 16:26:35:

: I shudder to think what you might mean by "held responsible for their statements"--please no torture with ant hills, Barry!) But we're not making a government, Barry.

: By the way, I never was Mrs. Winkler. I was only the original, Ms. Winkett.

I KNOW we are not making a government, whateveryernameiz. We are debating on the Mcspotlight board. And, just to make it real clear, I'll say it one more time: Being held responsible for what one says is having the intellectual integrity to be associated with one's opinions. For example: you say that only the first Winkler post was yours, not the second; with so many differing identities, how could anyone tell? THAT IS THE POINT.

The rest of your overwrought post was beside the point.

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