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Accountable? To Barry? (Shiver!)

Posted by: Spikes McGuire on February 05, 19100 at 16:26:35:

In Reply to: Yes, I know YOUR name posted by Barry Stoller on February 05, 19100 at 11:35:55:

: : As I understand your point now, 'own name' means nothing more than 'consistent handle' and I cannot see how for the life of me that this should matter one whit whenever assessing 'credit' around here.

: You left out the part where I specifically addressed that issue:


: ?: I know why you want people to use their real names, or at least a consistent pseudonym. One of your purposes on this board is, as I said in my first response, to identify who is 'by your definition) a "true revolutionary" and who isn't. So, you need consistency in your labels for people, that way you can say, "That was a good post by Lark, but we all know he's a reactionary homophobe, as he demonstrated HERE and HERE and HERE." Or, "Pretty good thinking, Krasny, I see you've come around to the proper way of looking at things. You've come a long way from the days when you said THIS and THIS and THIS."

: Stoller: You got a problem with being held accountable for your statements and opinions?

: In a nutshell, Kransy, that's the whole deal there. I'm only requesting that people take RESPONSIBILITY for their statements and opinions instead of hiding under a barrage of identities.

I've taken responsibility for what I said. I have already posted my regrets of the original post which set all this off. On top of being as Krasny said, unnecessary taunting of the Village Idiot, it wasn't even funny. So get over it, Stoller. No more taunting of Frenchy coming from this node. (By the way, I never was Mrs. Winkler. I was only the original, Ms. Winkett.)

Looks like you're the one no longer talking about politics now, Stoller; you're talking about Chat-room ethics. This is you elbowing for position and prominence, trying to occupy the high road. (Here we have a microcosm of how things would be if you and your kind were running them. A lot of high and mighty talk about freedom and liberation, with you guys, of course, being the ones with the rules and proclamations.)

But maybe you are talking about politics. As I said before, you're not here to make friends looking for true revolutionaries to lead the working class out of their chains, and these people will accept the party discipline, the party program. Am I right? People like SDF and Red Deathy are just in the way, right?

Contrary to how my post was titled I don't necessarily value consensus. (I didn't title my post. The McSpotlight people--God BIess every one of them-- took one of my sentences out and put it in the title box.) I DON'T think now and never did think that consensus is good in itself, and certainly never thought that YOU should think so.

Now, to your lectures on Chat-Room Hygeine: Aside from the fact that I laugh when you express a reverence for proper debating style (you've resorted to many a cheap shot--look over your arguments with Lark), disagree with your insistence that maintaining the same name is synonymous with taking responsibility for one's statements. I could be posting for a variety of reasons--to support someone who is being attacked as I've done you, for just one example--and the names carry with them a whole reputation which sometimes interferes with the clarity of the thought. If I could, I'd send in all the posts anonymously.

But you don't like that because you want to know whoze wid you and who agin' yu. If dey agin' ya, fug 'em all!

You want to know people's names so that you can peg them down, label them, which is part of your purpose for being here. But Barry, need I remind you that this is not 1917 and we're not building the first workers' state? Yankee troops aren't waging a covert war against your fledgling state and no one is planning your assination.

This is an Internet chat room, Barry, and my purpose is for learning and speculation. If we were actually constructing a government, then your fetish for knowing who is who and holding people "responsibile for their statements" would be justified (I shudder to think what you might mean by "held responsible for their statements"--please no torture with ant hills, Barry!) But we're not making a government, Barry. We're chatting across the oceans on a computer, and we'll never meet.

So no, Barry Stoller Marxist-Leninist-Trotskyist extraordinaire with a liking for Skinner and a hair up his ass about Chomsky, I'm not going to stay in one place. And even if I do, I won't be telling you where that place is. Moreover, I can't think of one identity which I've assumed in which I've said anything repugnant, except when I was joking and people didn't get it. You know, Barry, sometimes humor and surprise can teach more than lectures and tirades. Maybe you should give it a try.

In short, quit trying to run the chat room, you bossy bitch. The only thing you're running here--and the only thing you'll ever run--is your mouth.

McSpotlight: Look, we don't encourage personal abuse of any sort here; we don't like to clamp down because we want the debate to be free and fair, but we do have some form of order to keep here. Play nice, kids.

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