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Yes, I know YOUR name

Posted by: Barry Stoller on February 05, 19100 at 11:35:55:

In Reply to: That's 'Krasny' Old Son posted by Krasny on February 05, 19100 at 01:19:20:

: As I understand your point now, 'own name' means nothing more than 'consistent handle' and I cannot see how for the life of me that this should matter one whit whenever assessing 'credit' around here.

You left out the part where I specifically addressed that issue:

?: I know why you want people to use their real names, or at least a consistent pseudonym. One of your purposes on this board is, as I said in my first response, to identify who is 'by your definition) a "true revolutionary" and who isn't. So, you need consistency in your labels for people, that way you can say, "That was a good post by Lark, but we all know he's a reactionary homophobe, as he demonstrated HERE and HERE and HERE." Or, "Pretty good thinking, Krasny, I see you've come around to the proper way of looking at things. You've come a long way from the days when you said THIS and THIS and THIS."

Stoller: You got a problem with being held accountable for your statements and opinions?

In a nutshell, Kransy, that's the whole deal there. I'm only requesting that people take RESPONSIBILITY for their statements and opinions instead of hiding under a barrage of identities.

: For one thing, how can we really know if [Frenchy] posts under multiple handles or not? *Especially* given that mostly he spams the opinions of others?** --K

If you paid attention to what's going on here, you'd know that Frenchy always uses the name Frenchy.

Your other comments were irrelevant.

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