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That's 'Krasny' Old Son

Posted by: Krasny ( Internationale, All Countries.... ) on February 05, 19100 at 01:19:20:

In Reply to: A Reply to my critics (and Frenchy) posted by Barry Stoller on February 04, 19100 at 22:50:20:

: ?: I think it hilarious that this Frenchy character...

: Stoller: I'll give Frenchy credit for one thing. He posts under his own name.

: Farinata: Really? As far as I knew, his real name was Normand (hence the 'Frenchy' bit - I've never met anyone with the actual name 'Frenchy').

: Was I unclear? Let me have my say again.

: Frenchy posts as Frenchy.

: He does not post as Stewball one day, Mrs. Winkler another, Jessie yet another. I object to the camouflage ? uses; Frenchy may get the impression from ?'s multiple pseudonyms that there are a million lurkers coming forth to ridicule him. Frenchy deserves to know who his accuser is.

: Perhaps now you'll understand this sentiment:

: Stoller: Everyday he opines what he thinks---without subterfuge.

: Moving on...

: Kransy: [W]hat does a persons' 'own name' say about his/her character or conspicuous lack thereof? To me, that's a bit like pointing out that at least Hitler was a vegetarian (...risking the wrath of both Spock and MDG here...) or that Attila the Hun loved horses and therefore, wasn't *all* bad.

: This, of course, is a lot of crap. Godwin's Law, pal; you just lost the debate.

**Oh me, oh my! "Call the ComIntern... Code 9 Violation of Godwin's Law!" In point of fact, it was an inside joke directed toward MDG and Spock from a recent post on mine titled "Godwin's Law and the Turd in the Punchbowl." Check it out. Come on Barry, take a swing at the issue raised instead of frantically looking for a a means of declaring a 'victory.' As I understand your point now, 'own name' means nothing more than 'consistent handle' and I cannot see how for the life of me that this should matter one whit whenever assessing 'credit' around here. For one thing, how can we really know if he posts under multiple handles or not? *Especially* given that mostly he spams the opinions of others?** --K

: : While it can and perhaps *should* be argued that taunting the Village Idiot is morally repugnant and ultimately makes of him a sympathetic character, it does not, alas, make him any less an idiot IMO.

: Your opinions are less in [my] eyes now, Kransy.

**I'll get over it. Personally, I like a certain terseness and edginess in a person's commentary... and I can appreciate a good insult. Best of all is when anyone (friend or foe) can combine that skill with reason and logic. It may be that frequently my own reach exceeds my grasp in this regard... but at least, unlike 'Frenchy,' I'm in the game. As a frequent propounder of Marx's insults relating to Proudhonian "craft idiocy" I would think you would have greater appreciation for the art. BTW, what do you call Lenin's "Left Communism: An Infantile Disorder" or his characterisation of Minister Tseretelli as the 'Tsetse Fly' if not an example of just such an approach?** --K

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