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Communism has never killed anyone

Posted by: Monane ( Singapore ) on February 06, 19100 at 19:58:26:

An ideal, utopia communist state is impossible. ( or so I think)
But surely does not mean that striving for it is wrong.
Surely, one cannot say : its impossible and not care anymore.
Capitalism is, even by capitalist's standards, a bad bad cruel world.
After all, they still have to slog to get to their position. ( unless they got the bronze silver gold connection)
Democrats, and whatevers often ask, " How can you stand to live in such a boring, and fearful place such as a COMMUNIST state. You will be the first to die there, you idealistic fool."
I am not a radical, but my point is : Why do anti-communism folks argue against Communism as an state not because of its impraticality but because it is EVIL, BORING, CRUEL?.
When Communists or Socialist ( I am not mixing them together ) see the ideals of some of the ideals relevant and beneficial to our daily lifes, they just imagine its Stalin's Russia and Mao's Cultural Revolution again. They simply do not see a communist state as fair, as much less oppressive and less inequality. It is ironical to say a Communist state is oppressive when what a Communist state is when it is fulfilled is not oppressive.
What I urge is for folks against Communist as an ideal to see Communism for what it is, and not how Stalin or Mao got 35/100 for their efforts.
Surely, the modern world is poise for a gradual Communist state. If, if one is just willing to see a communist state for what it is, and not through the eyes of History textbooks.
Thus Communism correctly practisced can never directly cause a single death. It is not muderous. It might be even overly generous and religious.
Capitalism, Fascism, Democracy willingly and such is the case that oppression and self interest are motivaters for their workings. Why would anyone choose one over the other. And it is not justified to mention communism's murders in the past. That is the failures of communism. And secondly, Capitalism blar blar environment works because it kills, it fight wars, it breaks fortunes and creates them.

( Pardon my Grammer and Spelling. English is my second language, which explains my disabilities to employ correct Jargon. )

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