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The old theories are not sufficient nor beautiful slogans

Posted by: Baktash ( ., Iran ) on February 09, 19100 at 11:37:32:

In Reply to: this will be the crisis of capitalism. posted by Lark on February 08, 19100 at 13:50:06:

: Now the day is going to come when there is no question of competition or entrepeneurship because everything will be owned by world corp. 1, world corp. 2 and world corp 3. when this day comes and all the nonsense dreamed up by capitalist economists, EG Von Mises, has been proven to be exactly that, nonsense, people will have to live without illusion.

: That day people will CHOOSE whether they wish to comply with the government of the world corps as slaves or write their own history instead, this will be the crisis of capitalism.

You are imagining an illusory scene of a comming future my friend!
But I am speaking about the REAL WORD AT THE PRESENT TIME.

It is true that monopoly is a striking tendency of modern capitalism
But I think that an opposite anti-monopoly tendency is present in
this system too:

Appearing of small bussinesses specially in new enterprises.
I think cilicon vally is a good example of appearing
new companies with small amounts of capital every day.

An other example:
Although A giant monopolistic company like Microsoft exists,there are
also small software companies in India which export their products all
around the world.

Besides, the stock market widespreaded the contol of capital to a
great part of the people.

I summerize my idea: Although ther is a growing Monopoly in the
indusrial and economic activities,but at least there are two evideces
of an anti-monopoly tendency:
1)Coutinuous birth of new small companies.
2)The stock exchange.

So the scene you pictured for the future of capialism(I mean your
world corp 1. word corp 2. world corp 3.!) doesnt seem to happen
at all!

I think that the classic socialist view of capitalism(an yours as
a special case) is only valid for the period before the world war II.
The post-war capitalism must be analysed separately ,with a radical
poit of view .The old theories are not sufficient nor beautiful slogans
and utopian Illusions!

I will be glad to discuss more about this subject,and I hope other
people in this debating room share our discussion.


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