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I think Barry believes in morality just as much as you or me.

Posted by: NJ ( DSA, MA, USA ) on February 09, 19100 at 23:26:48:

In Reply to: That's easy for you to say! posted by MDG on February 09, 19100 at 17:39:13:

: Of course it boils down to morality. Why else would anyone bother to critique capitalism, if not out of concern for right and wrong and the proper way to treat people? Are the Trots simply self-absorbed rationalists whose only concern is themselves, i.e., they seek Communism only because that will insure their own well-being? The few Trots I've met have seemed to crazed to ask...maybe you can ask them for me.

My point exactly. But yes, that seems to be essentially the argument that Barry uses, hard as it is for me- and you- to believe. 'I'm a communist because communism will be better for me." Of coruse, I don't believe that's what Barry really thinks. I think Barry believes in morality just as much as you or me. Think about it- you CANNOT support communism out of self-interest, regardless of how 'exploited' you are. The best thing from a self-interested perspective would be to set up a government where you and your friends were in charge. And that;s about the farthest thing from BArry's pure communism imaginable.

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