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That's how I feel (by the way, Lark, ever hear of Lurgan?)

Posted by: MDG on February 16, 19100 at 18:14:21:

In Reply to: Wild and anti-humanist leninism. posted by Lark on February 15, 19100 at 18:10:49:


: I am a socialist I know this because I'm commited to libertarianism, egalitarianism, rationalism and moralism. Why are you one? Because you lifted a marxist text book one day? [snip] If you mean I'm on a crusade to transform socialism from a dogmatic and inflexible set of nineteenth century observations, to transform it from a religion for purer than thou rehtoricists to a fighting, conquering doctrine then yeah I'm on a one man crusade. [snip] There is no originality there and while class conflict persists the nature of that struggle has changed since marx, the working class are more willing than ever to be co-opted into capitalism, they dont want transformation but humanisation of capitalism now, if socialism cant adapt and acknowledge these changes we will be left with raving loonies on the psuedo-religious fringe [censored to keep the peace] and the hegemony of Clinton and Blair and their pernicious third way.

That's how I feel too, Lark. Times have changed since 1900. The workers aren't toiling under the Tsar's whip or the King's evil glare; we are all -- workers, bosses, layabouts (my ambition) different people, and the world is a different place. New times require new strategies.

By the way, my wife's second cousins live in Lurgan, outside Belfast. Ever hear of it? Her second cousin, Father John, recently had his church blown up - presumably by Protestant militants.

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