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Wild and anti-humanist leninism.

Posted by: Lark on February 15, 19100 at 18:10:49:

In Reply to: Wild Man Lark posted by Hank on February 15, 19100 at 13:39:23:

I think someone's going to have to wise up!!

: First eugenics and now you're arguing against class analysis?

Right eugenics is an entirely seperate matter, do you want to debate it? If you do I can but otherwise dont stray of subject inorder to make cheap accusations of traitorous behaviour.

:What is it about the term "socialism" that you call yourself one?

I am a socialist I know this because I'm commited to libertarianism, egalitarianism, rationalism and moralism. Why are you one? Because you lifted a marxist text book one day?

:Are you on a one-man crusade to empty the term of all meaning?

If you mean I'm on a crusade to transform socialism from a dogmatic and inflexible set of nineteenth century observations, to transform it from a religion for purer than thou rehtoricists to a fighting, conquering doctrine then yeah I'm on a one man crusade.

: Marx's lass analysis is indespensible. Read it for yourself. As you can tell from this board it's really just the beginning of the debate.
I think you mean class. So what was MArx's grand class analysis? That the history of the world had been the history of class conflict, conflict between the powerful and powerless etc. very good but it was a popular idea at the time everyone knows marx stole most of his ideas from Proudhon, those that he didnt develop from philosophically inverted Hegelianism that is.

There is no originality there and while class conflict persists the nature of that struggle has changed since marx, the working class are more willing than ever to be co-opted into capitalism, they dont want transformation but humanisation of capitalism now, if socialism cant adapt and acknowledge these changes we will be left with raving loonies on the psuedo-religious fringe like Barry and the hegemony of Clinton and Blair and their pernicious third way.

: You could say that, and many people have. I don't agree, but that's a separate argument from the next step you take which is...

Is it or was the dismanteling of working class and spontaneous socialist construction infavour of a state monopoly just the prerequsite to violent defense of 'his' order by a madman convinced of his own importance?

: : Russia under lenin was just the Jacobin guillotine at work.

: Most certainly not true. As everyone here knows, I have many reservations about Leninism, particularly concerning its relevance to any 21st century revolution. But "Jacobin guillotines"? Hey,easy there, Lark! You're slicing bread with a machine gun!

I dont think so just read Maximof's 'The Guillotine at Work: The Leninist Counterrevolution' in which he begins with the bolsheviks and lenin and ends with Stalin, considers only their crimes against socialists and anarchists and concludes, fairly I think and with evidence, that anyone, regardless of their view of capitalism, who opposed the state monopoly was guillotine bait.

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