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Wild Man Lark

Posted by: Hank on February 15, 19100 at 13:39:23:

In Reply to: That is a matter of opinion and blood soaked history. posted by Lark on February 14, 19100 at 11:55:54:

: : Don't forget that a dictatorship may also be exercised by a handful of persons, or by an oligarchy, OR BY A CLASS.

: How exactly do 'classes', if there be such things I believe we are all more or less individuals ruled by free choices and sociology, rule again? Is it in the persona of a venerated leader or great thinker or under the iron heel of the party appointed storm trooper?

First eugenics and now you're arguing against class analysis? What is it about the term "socialism" that you call yourself one? Are you on a one-man crusade to empty the term of all meaning?

Marx's lass analysis is indespensible. Read it for yourself. As you can tell from this board it's really just the beginning of the debate.

: :Check out Lenin's "The Proletarian Revolution and the Renegade Kautsky" (re: How Kautsky Turned Marx into a Common Liberal).

: Liberals arent that common unfortunately, well collectivist ones that is, why would I wish to consult a book by a man who's thinking was characterised by an obsession with power and a veneration for Necheyev the amoral russian vanguardist terrorist and who's actions where characterised by dismantling every workers co-op, commune, and independent effort that could not be subjected to the parties will.

You could say that, and many people have. I don't agree, but that's a separate argument from the next step you take which is...

: Russia under lenin was just the Jacobin guillotine at work.

Most certainly not true. As everyone here knows, I have many reservations about Leninism, particularly concerning its relevance to any 21st century revolution. But "Jacobin guillotines"? Hey,easy there, Lark! You're slicing bread with a machine gun!

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