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Posted by: Lark on February 22, 19100 at 12:54:49:

In Reply to: Hello Barry Stoller - YOU ARE RIGHT posted by Matt on February 21, 19100 at 12:03:09:

: I was reading your posts in support of the Bolsheviks a few days back and I adamantly support your side of the argument.

I am hoping that perfectly reasoned explanation for your enthusiastic transfromation into a strollerite clone is going to follow.

:A lot of socialists have picked up anti-October revolution sentiments recently - maybe because of the rightward drift and the false idea that Leninism somehow "flowed" into Stalinism.

I think that talk of 'rightward shift' in socialist circles is a complete nonsense, there is no left or right in socialism and the employment of such slanderous accusations is a machavellian card stack initiative to make responses appear rubbish even before they are made.

As to Leninism flowing into Stalinism, check out Maximof's 'The Guillotine a work' or the Irish anrchist phamphlett 'Stalin didn't fall from the sky', I'm interested in how anyone seriously thinks there was a difference between Leninism and Stalinism, sure Stalin was more of a barracks socialist himself and Lenin was slightly more intellectual but they both where fanatically tied to the notion that you cant differentiate between institutions and socialism and where prepared to engage in a bit of amoral blood letting to try and maintain the position.

:Also, I'm reading posts about non-violent revolutions which is absolutely ridiculous (first of all, the capitalist class will always resort to violence to protect their interests, and force the revolutionary class to physically defend itself or else be completely smashed).

I could give you indications of non-violent revolutions, Thomas Sankara's bloodless coup would be one, if a violent bloody revolution takes place it's a badly planned and prepared one in my opinion.

: My question is, why are you wasting your time writing long essays arguing against these bozos?

This is the same kind of sectarian sentiment that reins supreme in religious circles about matters of doctrine and theology, socialism or even humanism are not a form of religious faith with inspired institutes and individuals who can not be revised or questioned, if it is, it's death.

:You could be a leading Marxist theoretician and write books or something, or even better be a great revolutionary at the head of a movement! Go for it!

A movement of one and a writer with a readership of two, wake up there's a world out there that has no interest in the church of marxology and sectarian political hatred and defending so called 'workers states' which where all to happy to murder the workers en masse.

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