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Is my religion harming anyone?

Posted by: Lark on February 25, 19100 at 11:03:56:

In Reply to: Apologies to McSpotlight & to possible allies posted by Samuel Day Fassbinder on February 25, 19100 at 00:49:16:

: SDF: If I were to claim I knew everything, I'd be just another religious fanatic. Nope, my complaint is with those who claim to have figured things out to the letter while believing in stuff that has nothing to do with empirical reality. BTW, there are people who try to figure out the world by looking at the world -- they're called physicists, and one of their main tenets of belief is called "revision" -- all statements about the world are subject to revision when contrary evidence is found to be valid. People who are certain of ultimate truth, on the other hand, don't revise. This is a respectable aspect of Lark's rap -- he revises it now and then.

Hey man I think the day there's conclusive evidence that there exists no deities or supernatural forces in existence I'll be with you, at present I'll be just a tad sceptical, the only real scientific position is agnosticism and I dont think your postulating that.

I'm pro-secularism but secularism isnt atheism.

By the Way quote from Oscar Wilde 'Science is the record of dead religions, once science proves a religion correct no one believes it any more'.

Is my religion harming anyone? Including myself? Heart in a Heartless world mate, whether it's invented nonsense or literal truth.

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