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Pray tell, why...

Posted by: Frenchy on February 25, 19100 at 14:49:46:

In Reply to: Curious what you all have to say about this.... posted by Jason on February 25, 19100 at 11:24:22:

Unless of course you are one of those who have a penchant for envying those who when they see an opportunity have the courage to take a risk in seizing that opportunity.
I don't see the rest of the world following the example of the US though for the simple reason that there will always be a class of politicos who will always successfully be able to pander to a certain class of, as Stalin said, 'useful idiots', that is, those who are willing to believe that human ingenuity is capable of creating a utopia on Earth. These two classes will always be part of the Capitalisit system for the simple reason that Capitalism is able to support some Socialism, the latter being a form of economic parasitism to the former.
History shows only to well the many, many experiments w/ Socialism/Communism that have wound up in the 'dust-bin of history'.
The true revolutionaries of today are those who are willing to take economic risks.

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