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Left, Left?

Posted by: Lark on February 26, 19100 at 12:53:54:

In Reply to: Right, right. posted by Loudon Head on February 25, 19100 at 20:00:34:

: Right, right. Anti-capitalism is objective and non-partisan whereas pro-capitalism is ideological and partisan. I always forget that.

Alright you can argue that if you want, I did come to reason after Socailism so I may wish to see them correlate but the fact remains that I dont suspect anti-capitalism is inherent good, just that Capitalism logically, rationally and practically is bad.

: I am also pro-freedom and anti-Class-War. It's just that, for me (and, yes having applied much critical reasoning) capitalism is synonomous with these positions.

Yes, I remember another Capitalist, Gee, stating that Socialists, genuine ones, and libertarians are equally contempuous of big government, big business, class war etc. but I dont see the libertarians voicing these concerns very often and I've never seen them call for action against big business aswell as against big government.

: Just a joke. You said that we'd "hijacked reason" and I figured since I'd hijacked something I might as well fly it to Cuba. :)

What do you thik you'd get a good reception from the cowardly 'socialist' government?

: Yes, that has gotten nasty hasn't it? I'm still here, but I haven't had much to contribute lately as all the discussion of which socialist plan is the best one is beside the point to me. ("Should we murder the world with bombs or knives? Or should we do it all hand-to-hand?" I say "Let's not murder the world" to which Stroller inevitably announces "What blather! Your post in the trash!" as if that constitutes an argument.)

I could say we make an odd alliance but then reason can bridge across differences in unusual fashions.

: In the meantime, I've been reading Bellamy's Looking Backward, to be followed immediately by Morris' News from Nowhere. So far, Bellamy is rather charming in his naivete. I'll have something more to say about the book when I'm done with it.

Well I'd have to say that it is definitely a pre-socialist and very definitely a pre-totalitarian work, I found the indictment of capitalism, the people with the wagon, a very good and logical message, his conclusions and solutions are a bit 'rough' or simplistic but perhaps that was the much to do with the time in question.

I'm not sure if I'd call it naivety as such perhaps ignorance the potential for future class struggle mixed with enthusiasum for anything that was immediately different.

By the way, I think both those books make good bed time reading but they arent really sound political works, they are designed to win peoples commitment as motivate the 'converted', I prefer more concrete considerations and formulations, such as, Bernard Crick or the Anarchist FAQ.

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